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The Inspector Is Coming 


Tips To Help Sellers Better Prepare For The Home Inspection

Your have found a buyer for your home and the home inspection has been scheduled. Don’t Panic!

 Here is a list of tips that will make the inspection go smoothly and help prevent delays because the house was not ready for the inspection. 

  • During the inspection the inspector will need access to your entire home.
  • Leave your home prepared to be away for 2 ½ – 3 hours for a typical sized house. During the inspection not only will the inspector be there, but also your buyers and their agent normally are present as well. This can be very stressful for the home owner and it is best to be away. If you do decide to stay don’t attempt to refute negative comments or negotiate with the buyers. Your time to explain and negotiate will come after the buyer’s agent has responded to your agent about the inspection findings.
  • If you have cars parked in your garage /carport make sure they are not blocking access to doors, closets, cabinets, electrical panels, or drop down attic stairs.
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs on the property, including both indoors and outdoors. The inspector will not replace bulbs to determine if light fixtures function. A light that does not function will be labeled as not working or unable to determine if functional.
  • Do not cover up problems hoping the inspector will not find them.
  • Have all utilities (water, electric, and gas) turned on at the property. The electrical circuit breakers should be in the on position, the main water valve should be open, as well as the main gas valve. All supply valves for toilets & sinks should also be in the open position. Be sure have the pilot lights lit on your gas appliances, such as the water heater, heating unit, gas log sets, and oven. Remember the inspector is not allowed to turn on the water and gas shutoff valves or light pilot lights.
  • Make sure access is provided to the attic area entrance, the closets, the electrical panel, the water heater, and the furnace. Remove personal items from around these areas so the inspector is provided with three to four feet of working space to perform his inspection. Make sure that the attic area is cleared so that once the inspector is in the attic he can travel through it as well. If your attic access is in a closet you should remove all items from the closet so that the inspector has access to the attic.
  • Clear away overgrown bushes and trees from around the house so that the inspector can view your houses foundation and siding.
  • Ensure that pets will not hinder the inspector. Either remove them from the premises or secure them in an area that will still allow the inspector complete access to all sides of the house and yard.
  • Leave keys for locks on outbuildings, fences, or other areas the inspector will need access to.

Following these tips can ease some of the anxiety related to a home inspection and enable the inspector evaluate your home properly.

Agents click here to download a copy of this tip sheet to give to your sellers!

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